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Getting Tough with Tuffy

Today’s blog is an introduction to an incredible Platoon, currently serving in Afghanistan. These tough guys (pictured with their Tuffys) expressed interested in loose leaf tea and we jumped at the chance to make their mission feel a little more comfortable. Sergeant Castaldo specifically spoke of him and his men enjoying Rooibos, Oolong, Pu’erh, and Black, but they were enthused to try any flavor. We sent them a variety pack consisting of our most popular blends (as rated by you and your purchasing habits!) Mate Limon Chai, Red Rocks, Bolder Breakfast, Boulder Blues, and enough Tuffy Steepers to go around.

Upon arrival, Sergeant shared excitement and claimed, “The Tuffy Steepers are definitely a step up from the strainers I’ve used in the past.” The platoon’s favorites were Mate Limon Chai and Boulder Blues. I was delighted to correspond with Sergeant Castaldo and learn a little about the guys. Needless to say, besides being courageous, they’re incredibly cultured… and have good taste! ;)

Castaldo's Platoon
Castaldo’s Platoon

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