Give Some Love to the Ladies!

With so much around us plastered in pink and ribbons this month (including our homepage) it has become visually striking that people are truly banding together to raise awareness and funding for Breast Cancer. And the exciting part is that the collective efforts seem to be growing each year!

In line with our company’s commitment to donating 10% of our sales (not to be mistaken for profits) as in-kind gifts to cancer wellness and community programs, we are doing something special this month. With each STEEP IT PINK set we sell this month (see image), we will give a gift of Snowflakes white tea and a Steeping Cup (valuing ~$27) to the breast cancer survivors participating in Casting for Recovery. This non-profit program is designed to incorporate the sport of fly-fishing and reconnecting to nature to encourage mental and physical healing of the participants as they recover from breast cancer. Participation in their program is free of charge to the women and primarily funded though the generosity of donors. We are so proud to be partnering with them and hope to be able to give generously to these women, with your help of course.

In the spirit of giving, FOODORO, a new gourmet food website that just launched earlier this year, is also doing a great Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion for the next couple weeks. They started carrying our teas and teaware a few months ago in addition to many other tasty finds. Right now they are promoting an array of breast cancer gifts which includes our STEEP IT PINK set on their homepage as well as in their Breast Cancer Awareness specialty shop. Check out all of the gifts and donations that will result. They’ve even got cute ribbons on the product photos to identify the donation amounts that each company is giving. Collectively, we can make a difference!

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