Simply Soothing: The Benefits of Working for a Loose Leaf Tea Company When You’re Sick!

Teas when sickSo here’s the deal. I’ve been sick for about a week and I have found that working for a loose leaf tea company is fantastic when you aren’t feeling well! I have all the loose leaf tea at my disposal and am able to drink each tea according to what I need. I’ve had a consistant sore throat so each morning I start with our Earl of Grey which contains licorice root. Licorice root has many medicinal qualities and is used in many cough medicines to help with coughs and sore throat.

I can’t get hopped up on too much caffeine so typically after my cup of Earl of Grey in the morning, I switch to a green tea, our Green Roasted Mint which is a fantastic tea even when you’re not sick, but it is particularly soothing when you are. Because it is a blend of Houjicha and peppermint, it has an incredibly comforting aroma and a soothing feel on my throat. Peppermint is actually said to be one of the oldest herbal medicines having many different benefits. The menthol or cold taste of peppermint is used in cough lozenges which sooths the mouth and throat.

And in the afternoon I move onto our Red Rocks tea. Rooibos, is an herb with a long list of health benefits. Rooibos has many vitamins and minerals, aids in digestion, and insomnia, reduces headaches and hypertension and what I was most focuesd on, contains anti-allergen properties. I believe that me being sick is a result of a combination of allergies and not getting enough rest, that being said, I was incredibly interested in having at least 2 cups a day of rooibos trying to help get rid of my allergies!

These teas have specific properties I was looking for each day, but overall tea is in the top five foods to help boost your immunity! Nowadays, everyone is focusing on their health, and in particular are looking towards prevention and boosting their immune system, so drinking a couple cups any tea (loose being healthier than bagged tea), would definitely be beneficial in keeping you healthy!

I am on the road to recovery and I know that having all this tea at my disposal has helped in making me feel better!

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