Go Green or Go Home!

Happy Earth Day this Sunday! We’ve always big fans of Earth Day here at The Tea Spot. Over the years we’ve investigated our company’s carbon footprint, done a Life Cycle Analysis of our new to-go tea filter, and followed industry studies on the carbon footprint of tea. Cliffs Notes version: Packaging really really does matter, and the more loose leaf in large bulk bags you incorporate into your tea drinking habits, the smaller your carbon footprint. In other words, the bags, tags, strings, wrappers, and boxes inside of boxes really adds up – so steep it loose if you love your Mother (Earth)! 

We try to put our money where our mouth is as much as possible. As a company, we get Eco-Passes to encourage riding public transportation, we compost all of our tea leaves (a ridiculously HUGE amount of tea leaves, you can imagine) in the company kitchen, and we recycle in the warehouse like nobody’s business.

To celebrate this year, we’re promoting the ease of Green Tea drinking by giving away a Green Tea Sampler & a Steeping Mug to one of our Facebook Fans. We’re opening up the contest to all fans, new & old. One winner will be chosen at the end of the month. And I have to say that we’ve got the coolest community growing on Facebook with lots of participation from tea lovers all over the world. We even had to bust out our spanish translator recently to respond to a fan. ¡Que chido! You can join our community and can sign up for the contest here. Good luck!

Go Green or Go Home

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