The Tea SpotLight- Jasmine Pearls

This month, The Tea Spot spotlight is on our Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. This delectably floral green tea is an absolute treat at any time of the day, and has been my afternoon “go to” for the last few weeks. Let’s take a quick timeout today to talk about what makes this tea so unique! Our Jasmine Pearls hail from the Fujian region in China. They are hand-picked in the Spring, layered/scented multiple times with jasmine petals, and are then expertly shaped into pearl form.

This pearl form is a truly unique twist on loose leaf tea. Tightly rolled, when steeped in water, these pearls slowly unfurl and can actually get better and better with each additional infusion.

Our Jasmine Pearls start out in pearl form (left), and after the first infusion the two leaves and leaf bud that compose the pearl can be clearly seen (right).

Jasmine Pearls

While preparing this spotlight, I was able to take one teaspoon of Jasmine Pearls and make four 8 ounce cups of tea in one day! With this tea, you really can get “bang for your buck” with the potential for so many delicious re-infusions! Just remember when re-steeping tea in this way, you want to add about 30 seconds of steeping time with each additional infusion.

Best steeping practices– use one teaspoon per 8 ounces of water, steep 2-3 minutes with water that is 175° F (bring water to a boil and let cool three minutes).


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