Go Tuffy!

We were pretty excited to get the call telling us that our Tuffy Steeper won a Gear of the Year award… and we’re listed at the top of the tea category!  Like all of our products, this one was a labor of love, for loose leaf tea of course.  And, also like with all our products, it was designed with a singular focus on our mission of making loose leaf tea an everyday luxury.  The Tuffy was designed to do exactly that – to make it easy to steep loose leaf tea in any of your existing teapots or mugs, and to allow you to take your loose leaf tea on the road.  Top of mind at The Tea Spot is always the customer, and the customer experience.  We found the highest grade silicone, and molded it into an easy and fun-to-use tool for your favorite loose-leaf teas.  And what a thrill it is when our ideas and work get recognized as doing what they’re supposed to!

Tuffy Steeper
Tuffy Tea Steepers

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