Grilling with Tea Balls this 4th of July Weekend?

This “teaball” meatball griller was my very favorite piece of 4th of July week holiday Spam!

Now I know that as the loose leaf tea company, that we’re in the business of busting teaballs in my company, but this contraption just makes it too easy. A suggested reconfiguration of your drawer of unused teaballs? An engineering contest for recycling of unloved teaballs? The latest gift for the host who already has everything (and clearly more storage than is to be had in my kitchen)? For whatever reason, it just cracked me up. could you imagine setting up 12 cups of hot water and steeping 12 different teas at once?! Sorry Williams-Sonoma, i’m sure the meatball griller makes the most perfectly spherical, uniform and charcoal-roasty meatballs…

We have no clever new inventions to share with you this weekend, only a FREE download to help celebrate our freedom with a tasty toast – our New Guide to Gourmet Iced Teas “Summer Chill Out”. (Bottom left of our home page)

Enjoy… and Happy 4th to all!

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