Heart-Healthy Hibiscus Herbal Tea

One of the many badass benefits of tea uncovered by modern medical research is that high tea consumption leads to a healthier heart. The very same teas (Camellia sinensis) you’re drinking to boost your immune system make for a healthy heart.

The "Seven Countries Study" compared diet and lifestyle between seven contrasting countries and cultures for over half a century. The evidence showed that cardiovascular disease was preventable. After decades of follow-up, the study found that populations with higher than average flavonoid intake showed lower rates of heart disease. Elderly men who drank more than 4 cups (960 ml) of tea per day had a 60 percent lower risk of fatal coronary heart disease than those who drank less than 2 cups (480 ml) per day. Middle-aged men who drank on average at least 5 cups (1.2 L) of tea per day had a 3 times lower stroke incidence than those who drank less than 2.5 cups (600 ml) per day. Now that’ll get you drinking! Side note: The Seven Countries Study wasn’t being sexist just for kicks—when they began their research in the 1950s, few women were dying of heart disease.

Interestingly, hibiscus tea also shows some evidence of helping reverse high blood pressure and high cholesterol in mildly hypertensive adults, with no observed negative side-effects due to its caffeine-free nature and clean character. So gulp and swig your way to a happy heart, but do watch how much sugar you add to your tea for the sake of your healthy heart.

Adapted from Cancer Hates Tea, by Maria Uspenski and Page Street Publishing

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