Holiday Love

Ah, holiday beverages. If you’re like me, the season has been full of delicious ciders and nogs, after dinner brandy and rich warm lattés. These hearty flavors seem to mirror the foods they pair with: stuffed birds, the creamy dishes, the nutty dishes, perhaps a few veggie and salad plates squeezed somewhere in there. It has been a seasonal flavor extravaganza that stretches the stomach and the waistline. But alas, the new year approacheth, and we must change our goals. Now, more than ever, is the time to look towards tea to reconcile our urge for flavor and our resolutions towards better health.

I’m looking forward to putting to rest some of the unhealthy habits the season always seems to bring with it, especially because I feel that we’ve got some outstanding teas to help me along my way. If you haven’t tried our new Organic Iron Goddess Oolong, you’ve been missing out. It’s a new favorite of mine–this new Tie Guan Yin has a freshness to it that can’t be matched. Its mild honey-like sweetness and striking fragrance make it an incredibly pleasing and relaxing way to begin the path to better health (it’s great for weight loss). For a bolder oolong flavor, check out our Organic Dark Roast Oolong.

Iron Goddess Oolong

Iron Goddess Oolong

If you dig on the darker brew, and you’re not finished with those nutty, sweet holiday flavors, you’ve got to try our Hojicha. This roasted Japanese green tea is not only strikingly high in antioxidants, but its also very very low in caffeine, making it an excellent wind down for those snowy nights. It has a wonderful nutty flavor to it that you just can’t find in other green teas. If you’re a black tea drinker looking to step into the high antioxidant zone, this one is an excellent starting place. When it comes to health and flavor, Hojicha another favorite that can hardly be beat (and check out the price!).

Hojicha Tea


We hope this holiday season finds you well, everyone, I know it’s been good to us at The Tea Spot. Happy sipping, and hey, if you’ve got some favorite holiday teas, post them up for us!

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