Hot Cuppa on a Cold Day

Two days ago I was walking my dogs on a sunny afternoon in shorts and a t-shirt, so imagine my surprise today when I woke up to see snow on the ground! Dramatic weather swings are nothing new in Colorado, but I still had to dig to find a sweater, a scarf, and some wool socks to face the first snow day of the season. Even with the added layers, I’ve been clinging to a hot cup of tea all morning to try and warm my frozen fingers and toes. I’ve always loved the changing seasons, but cold and grey mornings like today make me want to hide under the covers and cuddle up with a good book. To motivate myself for a day of work, I started off with a cup of Chocolate Cherry Bomb! and snuggled up with my computer instead. Not quite as cozy as my bed, but the sweet chocolatey tea gave me the boost I needed to be productive and excited for my work day, and the cold weekend ahead.

My circulation problems persisted, and my chilled extremities demanded another shot of warmth, so this time I reached for the a dark roasted oolong. This beautiful tea screams fall with its roasty, nutty aroma and beautiful golden brew that reminds me of the changing leaves all around. I re-steeped the leaves for a second warm cup with a slightly different flavor, but every bit as satisfying!

We Coloradans love all of our seasons, but snow holds a special place in our hearts. But when skiing and snowboarding aren’t an option for those long-awaited snow days, where better to wait out the cold than The Tea Spot, where we have teas in every variety and flavor from all over the world to keep us warm? When I get tired of the hats and gloves, and the dark comforting flavors of fall and winter are no longer comforting, I’ll just sip on a bit of Pink Rose Lemonade and dream of the summery days that are sure to come again to bring life back to the flowers and trees…. And my toes!

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