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Ice-T, Sucka

This steamy, 80-degree Thursday has me feeling it quite necessary to write an instructional on making delicious iced tea.

The most important thing about making iced tea that good old 6th grade (or was it earlier?!) mathematical trick: proportions!

The best way to make iced tea at home requires several tools. You will need an infuser basket or Steepin’ Cup to brew your tea in, and I suggest using a standard martini shaker for the icing of the tea; no fancy-pants “Iced Tea Makers” needed; you are the iced tea maker!

Step 1: Choose the tea you prefer to ice, I highly recommend our Red Rocks and Green Roasted Mint as the most refreshing and delicious iced teas.

Step 2: Use double the amount of tea leaves. For example, an 8 ounce cup usually requires 1-2 tsp of tea. In this case, you will double that amount; so use 2-4 tsp of tea, depending on how strong you like you iced tea.

Step 3: Steep your tea for its recommended amount of time and water temperature in an 8 ounce Steepin’ Cup.

Step 4: While tea is steeping, fill your martini shaker with ice.

Step 5: When tea has steeped, remove the infuser basket and pour your tea into the martini shaker.

Step 6: Shake it like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest and ta-da! After you pour your martini shaker contents into a glass, you now have a delicious 16 ounce glass of iced tea!

Who knew it could be so simple? Well, I did, which is why I am sharing it with you all.

Big hugs and kisses!
Foolong Choo

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