Just a simple teapot? No way!

The other day my coworker and I were chatting about teapots and how they’re oftentimes a very coveted item. I don’t currently own a teapot (gasp!) and think of them as a pretty utilitarian item. Obviously I was wrong.

There is an incredible obsession with teapots, not only buying unique kinds, but designing them as well. I came across a website allteapots.com website where they literally do have practically every teapot imaginable. This website and all the teapots that I saw, lead me to believe that teapots have become another outlet for artists. Basically a functional piece of art; an outlet for creativity and ingenuity. Teapots are designed and made throughout the world, but neither region nor history can stop the artists’ imagination from coming through. Below are some pictures of many teapots. Some with classic designs, some historic, some modern, some unique, weird, and my personal favorite at the end.

Cast Iron or Tetsubin teapots were created in Japan

An incredible Malaysian teaset

A beautiful, classic style Russian teapot

This gorgeous teapot and teaset comes from Africa

Yes this isn’t your child’s toy, it IS a teapot in fact.
I’m not sure soothing and relaxing comes to mind with this one.

Ahh but this one, this fits right in with an afternoon tea.

A watering can or a teapot? Possibly both?

In case you’re in the mood for games with your tea

This one conjures up images of Go Dog Go, a favorite childhood book by Dr. Seuss

This one caught my eye, and is completely my favorite. The pieces fit together like a puzzle and not only that but the design is clean and calming.

Now it’s time for you to go find your own favorite tea and teapot!

All images taken from www.allteapots.com (including cover image)

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