Loose green tea – the secret of the skinny

Green Tea

 “Green tea and weight loss” is one of the most highly researched terms on the Internet, especially during the month of January, which also happens to be “hot tea month”. Weight management is something that many people become focused on this time of year, as they establish their annual priorities and resolutions.

The health benefits of green tea have been apparent for hundreds of years, and many of those benefits are now being substantiated with scientific research on green tea and polyphenol antioxidants – the active ingredients in loose leaf tea. In a study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Volume 70 no. 6 1040-1045), it was reported that green tea resulted in an increase in metabolic activity, and also had a positive effect on fat oxidation. This is good news for those looking to find an easy and tasty way to give a boost to their weight loss regimen, as drinking 3-5 cups of loose leaf tea daily can bring on these fat burning effects.
The prevalence of obesity in traditional green tea-drinking cultures like China and Japan is still far lower than in the U.S. In those countries, it’s not unusual to consume five sups of green tea daily, on a regular basis. Perhaps the secret of the skinny is to drink a green leaf tea they absolutely love, so they’ll drink more of it, and be less inclined to grab a less than healthy snack to cut the flavor of a less than stellar green tea they’re trying to drink five cups of to help maintain their figure.

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