Loose Leaf Tea: help a friend

It took at least 8 weeks into my employment at a loose leaf tea company before I brewed my first cup of tea. It was one of those deals where you try to hide the fact that you really have no idea what your doing by avoiding that thing at all costs. It was no small feat this constant dance I did around the break room. Had I entered, I risked the request called out from the CEO’s office: “Will whoever’s in the kitchen make me some tea?” I would have nightmares:
“Yikes! How can I get out of this with my dignity in tact? I was hired for my operational and organizational abilities, how should I know how to make a cup of tea? I’m a coffee drinker for crying out loud. OK settle down, all of the tools are here: hot water, ceramic mug, steeping mechanism, unlimited choices of tea. Uh oh, too many variables: what kind of tea; how much tea do I use; which water temperature works best; how long do I steep; why is this green tea brown; all tea comes from the same plant, what???? AAHHHHH!”
Gives me chills just thinking about it. Similar to the dream about walking into my high school English final and I haven’t been to class in months. Finally, under the guise of “wanting to provide the best possible customer service,” I asked a co-worker to explain to me how to make different types of tea as if I were an idiot, so that I could then pass along this process in layman’s terms to beginners. Of course she had no idea that I really was this idiot. And of course I was only fooling myslf. Regardless, the bonehead seminar began and within 5 minutes, I was an expert in tea FAQ. Thus began the wild ride that is my affinity for loose leaf tea. But I would still be avoiding the break room and the possible nightmare-triggering request from the CEO had I not figured out a way to overcome the intimidation factor. So as I type these words, I vow to help one and all with the simple task of steeping loose leaf tea.
Your friends don’t dislike tea. They just don’t know how to make it, no matter what they tell you. Help them learn.

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