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Make spa water, not war :)

Make spa water not war

Last week, I bought my first Steep & Chill, in our beautiful new packaging, and brought it home on a sweltering hot night, with guests coming for dinner shortly thereafter.  Of course I wanted to show off our new product to my friends, and like with all our other Steepware products, I’d designed it to make loose leaf tea easy… but the thought of even putting the kettle on made me feel weak, and the time crunch I was in was making me wonder just how chilled I’d be able to get the iced tea before dinner.

Time for some inspiration… Since we were having salmon with mashed potatoes and fresh salad, I thought mint might make for a refreshing drink.  So I just tore up some spearmint leaves from the garden, crushed them by hand, and stuffed them in the Steep & Chill’s big infuser, filled the pitcher with cool water, and voila – 30 minutes later we had delicious spa water. Strictly speaking, i suppose this qualifies as a cold-brewed herbal infusion ;)  Stay tuned for further variations on this theme i’ll be exploring when it warms up and stops raining in the evenings – can’t wait to try lemon and orange slices, a few cherries, cucumber slices, and maybe even basil leaves in my pretty lemon meringue Steep & Chill.  PS: the guests loved it :D


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