Our Teas Just Moved into Wash Perk!

Wash Perk
Image taken from http://washperk.com/

So if you live in Denver you should know where Washington Park is, or more aptly known, as Wash Park.  However you may not know the little coffee shop a few blocks to the west of the park called Wash Perk! It is truly a blissful coffee shop and it has everything you could want. Great service, great coffee and tea, a perfect outdoor patio that is shaded with umbrellas and a few trees, and comfortable individual and community tables.  With all the things to see and look at Wash Perk has all  the coziness of a well loved home.

The first time I walked in EVERYONE seemed to know everyone. I felt a bit nostalgic to have that type of community atmosphere for myself, but I also felt like I would easily be accepted as well. Wash Perk had been in business for two years and I am excited that we have now 15 teas in their shop for them to serve to their customers. Everything from Earl of Grey to Mate Limon Chai to Climber’s High and Strawberry Fields.  I think our teas will be a perfect fit for their customers! Wash Perk is also incredibly friendly. Teri the owner knows practically everyone that walks through her doors and if she doesn’t she’ll know soon enough. Teri realizes that her shop, being so close to the park, is perfect for all the athletes in the area to come and grab a drink when they’re done.  I was so excited, when I went in the other  day,  because I was given a pair of biking socks that I wore fore 120 miles on my Triple Bypass ride!

Wash Perk is one of those gem coffee shops that is not to be missed. They’re located at 853 E. Ohio Ave. (Ohio and Emerson – 3 blocks west of Washington Park). (720) 542-9202

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