Making Memories & Tea On-the-Go

Making memories

If there is one thing my family does, it’s GO. We are self-proclaimed weekend warriors – my husband and I work hard at our day jobs while the little dude embraces school wholeheartedly, but come Friday, all that hard work turns into hard play. Snacks in the cooler, camping gear in the vehicles, 4-leggers in-tow and off we go. In fact, depending on the season, it’s no surprise to find us chasing trout, mountain bike cruising in the cool high country, soaking up the hot desert sun on some remote back road, or trail in red rock country every weekend possible. It’s also no surprise, no matter the season, to find us steeping up a midday cup of tea or sipping from a thermos of some hot (or iced) tea around the campfire at night.

tea on the go

I tend to be the food/beverage packer of the family and no matter what adventure we embark on, I bring two on-the-go steeping devices – a Mountain Tea Tumbler, a Tuffy – and plenty of tea. Our favorite go-to loose leaf teas are:

Dragonwell green tea (organic)

Meditative Mind (organic)


Lights Out (organic)

While the Dragonwell gives us a midday pick-me-up, the others give us perfect, soothing options to wrap up a long day on the road, trail or just playing outside. I also love icing down the Peppermint tea for a refreshing alternative to just sipping water while in camp!

If you’re hesitant when it comes to using loose leaf tea while on the road, fear not! I have steeped teas in backcountry huts with friends and family, on long desert road stretches with my wild mother, and solo here, there and just about everywhere. If you’re steeping on the road, go with the tumbler, but if you’re settled into a cozy hut, campsite or cabin, bring along the Tuffy, too!

Making Memories

Loose leaf tea reminds us that moving fast down a highway or cruising down some back roads doesn’t mean we can’t slow down to make a yummy, nourishing, energizing, relaxing, health-promoting (you get the picture) cup of tea on-the-go. Steep on, friends!

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