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Night of Sex or Cup of Tea?

A great statistic about love UK-style, quotes a poll recently conducted by YouGov for UK Craigslist:

YouGov asked 541 single Brits how far they agreed with the following statement: ‘If I like someone on a first date, I would rather end the date with a nice cup of tea, coffee or other warm drink than by spending the night with them.’ Almost eight times as many respondents “definitely agreed” (45%) with the statement as ‘definitely disagreed’ (6%). Over four times as many (62%) either ‘definitely or strongly agreed’ as the number (15%) who ‘definitely or strongly disagreed.’ Even among single males in the highly sexed 18-24-year-old age range, the lust for sex was no match for the lust for tea: Twice as many (21%) such males ‘definitely agreed’ as ‘definitely disagreed’ (11%).

Beyond the obvious, don’t you love how they felt the need to specify “a nice cup of Darjeeling, Sencha or other Monkey-Picked White?”


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