Nilgiri & Teal

It’s time to talk Nilgiri. Nilgiri is India’s southernmost growing region, and its teas carry very distinct characteristics. Known primarily (almost exclusively) for its black teas, Nilgiri produces just 30% of its tea from large plantations. The rest is in the hands of smaller farms, who adhere to traditional growing processes. The result is a tea with a strong, unique fragrance, a mild sweetness, and a dark, rich liquor. It’s wonderful as a breakfast tea on a cold day, and exceptional as an iced tea in the warmer months (in my most humble opinion). Our organic Blue Mountain Nilgiri is a real favorite at the Farmer’s Market.Nilgiri Tea

Blue Mountain Nilgiri

With gift giving season and some cold mornings just appearing on the horizon, this tea is a perfect fit for our Tough In Teal gift set, which commemorates Wear Teal Day. This year the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s ‘Wear Teal Day’ falls on Friday, September 2nd, so please show your support by donning your teal duds on Friday. As you know, cancer awareness has always been and will always be a huge effort for us as a company, and we encourage you share your support.

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  • I love loose black tea in the a.m. its better for you than coffee and its got caffeine and antioxidants. I like a simple smooth taste, not a lot of bergamont or flower additives. Keep it simple…..lori

    lori burt on

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