Re-use… Recycle… Refill!

I’m in constant motion this week. As in “moving at the speed of light” constant motion. I’m here… I’m there… I’m flippin’ everywhere. You see… Tea Spot is currently on sale with Whole Foods in Rocky Mountain! Our first promo of the year has me salivating thinking about the upcoming tea season. And to boot, the weather has been cold for the last week! Who needs Colorado blue-bird days when you can have cold, dreary, rain and Seattle-esque drizzle that makes everyone want to buy tea! Hoooooo Raaaaaaay rain and drizzle! Bring it on!

And as you might recall from my last post, I heart grocery stores. I spend a lot of time in them so it’s a good thing that my affection for these establishments is true and genuine. During all of this time that I spend serving tea and talking to folks in stores I inevitably receive all sorts of comments when it comes to Tea Spot’s current packaged tea tin.

Most frequent comments include…

“How cute! Did you design the packaging?” I wish I could be so clever…

“Roches Rouges? But I can’t read French. How do I know how much tea to use?” See the front panel for those who prefer to communicate using the English language please…

And more often than not, “What do I do with my tea tin when I’m done with my tea?” Aaaaaaaahhhh Haaaaaaaah! Don’t even think about throwing it in the trash!

So in no particular order here are a few suggestions for your tea tin once you’ve excavated all of the hand blended, yummy Tea Spot tea from the tin.

Tea Tins

Empty Tea Spot tea tins can be used for any number of things around your home or at the office. They slice, they dice, they… oh wait… I’ve got that damn Billy Mays infomercial stuck in my head again.

Back to reality. Empty Tea Spot tea tins make excellent pencil/ pen holders. I keep one at my house for spare change to be used exclusively at the Laundry Mat. My mom has been known to make flower arrangements in her empty Mango Tango tins. I spoke to a customer who used one of our empty tins to make a candle and still another who kept one in his tool box to store all of the stray nuts, bolts, nails, and screws. My next project with my empty tin of Bolder Breakfast – garlic butter with fresh chives. I’ll report back. Isn’t multi-functionality such a beautiful thing?

This is a no-brainer. If you aren’t going to re-use your empty tin for any of the above mentioned items than I would suggest your closest mixed-recycle bin. Our current tea tins including the inner lid and top are 100% recyclable! And here’s a nice guideline for you to follow in the event that you are already “recycle-happy” with your mixed containers.


And of course the method that we would encourage every customer who buys one of our fancy-schmancey tea tins to employ is to refill them! Preferably with Tea Spot tea of course! Many grocery stores offer bulk teas and spices and there’s really no better container for keeping your tea fresh than an air-tight, dual-locking, designer tea tin.

We have recently updated our website to include over 40 different teas in bulk. Most of these are available in small 2 oz. increments – the perfect amount of tea to refill your empty Tea Spot tea tin!

In addition, local Colorado grocers who carry our teas in bulk include the following stores.

Whole Foods Pearl Street (Boulder)
Whole Foods South Glenn (Centennial)

Look for additional offerings in the coming months at a store near you!

So go ahead. Re-use, recycle and refill until your heart is content! But whatever you do, don’t throw that beautiful tea tin in the trash!

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