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Reaching New Heights

Friday morning (more like late Thursday night) started with soft moonlight, dark shadows and crisp air as The Tea Spot crew hit the road headed for Quandary Peak. Climbing a 14er was on the agenda for the day and we were all excited!

Reaching New Heights

Our hike started through the conifer forest at the base of the trail, and as we snaked our way up, we stepped out into the open and looked upon meadows of wildflowers framed by the morning sun. The mountains reflected a peach hue as the sun rose just above the horizon, lifting the clouds off the mountains and bringing light to the beauty that we would witness all morning.

Goat on Hike

Many people thought we were nuts to attempt at hiking a 14,000+ foot mountain as a team building experience at The Tea Spot, but we beg to differ. We can all agree that, like our Shipping Manger’s son said, “It’s was not about reaching the summit, but about the journey together”.

Hiking with friends
Reaching New Heights

There is nothing more satisfying than the ability to reach new heights on foot, and even more so, as a team. Not only were the views literally breathtaking, but it felt all the more magical to see the vast beauty surrounding us together, and because of the work we’d put in to get there.

Hiking With Friends


Reaching New Heights
Hiking with Tea

“This was my first time taking some cold-brewed Climber’s High tea on a trek, and I have never felt better! There is no such thing as an easy 14er, as the entry sign warnings tell you, but sipping on Climber’s High not only boosted my mood, my energy, and my stamina, it kept me hydrated throughout the trek. I have never had to duck behind rocks and bushes that much on a hike ever before (if you know what I mean), because I’m usually struggling to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Because I felt so good, I was able to take in the stunning views, to really enjoy the company of my colleagues, and to fully absorb and appreciate the adventure we’d set out on together. ”
– Mary, Sales Manager

Reaching New Heights

“This was my first time climbing anything, ever, so I hoped that Keep Fit would be just the thing to take along. It’s got a bit of caffeine to give me a boost and I love the taste of lemon myrtle so it would keep me sipping and hydrated. And . . . I was right, the best part was the taste, it’s really refreshing. I kept refilling my steep & go from my plain water bottle so I never ran out.”
– Jackie, Customer Service

“I brought matcha mate with me and found this bitter-sweet green brew to be the perfect mountain companion. The invigorating flavor and stimulating alkaloids inspired me to connect with my surroundings in an alert yet calm manner.”
– Jordan, Operations Manager

“What fabulous group enjoyment to push and strive even harder than we do in our day-to-day jobs, and then be on top of the world together with our stunning Colorado vistas surrounding us on all sides!”
– Maria, CEO


Cold Brew Tea


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