Red Rocks Quake–A Tasty Late-Summer Mix

Here on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, fall seems to be coming to us a little behind schedule. When you’re a tea fanatic, this can be a real problem: with the days hovering in the eighty-ninety degree range, a lot of the teas we’ve been looking forward to curling up before the fire with seem a little less desirable. Where do I turn in this awkward season of autumn lust and summer heat? To one of my favorite iced beverages from one of our most versatile and delicious blends. The Red Rocks Quake is a recipe from our old café location, and one that I served up for many a satisfied customer during this late summer season. Something about Red Rocks’s full bodied brew and slightly nutty flavor seems to satisfy that autumnal craving, and thrown over ice with a little added sweetness, it makes a remarkably refreshing iced tea blend.

My recipe for a Red Rocks Quake goes as follows:

1. Brew about 8oz of Red Rocks Blend in boiling water using 2-3tsp of tea. (You’ll want it nice and dark).

2. After about a 5 minute infusion, remove steeper (our Tuffy Steeper is pictured here) and add just a touch of light agave syrup to the hot Red Rocks.

3. Fill a standard bar shaker to the top with ice, and pour the sweetened Red Rocks over it.

4. Add a dash of 1/2 and 1/2, and shake it all up. Tada!

Pretty easy, right? I’ve garnished the drink here with sugarcane and a mint sprig, but here is a list of other little things that can make this drink all your own (fall flavors included):

Try toddy spices like cinnamon, ginger, and clove, different syrups instead of agave (try interesting Torani syrups, or make your own! I once did this drink with a syrup I made of Quince), try brewing some strong mint tea and mixing that in with the hot Red Rocks. Or if you really want to get down on your mixology, try some fresh market ingredients–I could see things like basil, bell and hot pepper, or cucumber working pretty well.

Click to find out more about Red Rocks and our Tuffy Steeper

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