Red Steeping Cup Steeps Red Clover Tea Loose!

Red Steeping Cup Steeps Red Clover TeaEven with all the love and care we give our products, their packaging and presentation on our website, quite often, when we see our products presented on someone else’s blog, they’re described far more eloquently than we feel able to say ourselves… one such example is yesterday’s post about our Red Steeping Cup on the fashionable “Well-Heeled Society’s” blog, where the stylish Felicia Coley’s saying is: Sometimes life’s destiny does not include you being swept off your feet. Sometimes it’s just standing in the light of your completeness… wearing fabulous shoes. She thanks us for our donation of a Red Steeping Cup and says “I am now able to get a warm hug with style every morning in red. I have since let my tea ball down easy, proving that it’s best not to cry over spilled milk. Or tea… Lose that Ball & Chain! Modern Teaware for Loose Leaf Teas”. Thank you Felicia, for understanding and articulating exactly what we want to communicate with our products!

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