Simply Adorable! A hidden gem of a coffee shop found in Lafayette, CO

So in my constant search to find the best coffee shops, roasters and tea shops to work with, I came across a new coffee shop I had never heard of called Mojo’s Coffeehouse, located right near us in Lafayette, Colorado. I tried to find some information about the coffee shop and the best source I had to go off of was Yelp. There were some nice comments about the shop so I decided to check it out. I gave them a call and set up an appointment to meet this past Wednesday.

Not being from Colorado, and only passing by Lafayette on my way to Denver, my previous opinion of the town was that it was a pretty nice suburb with mostly chain stores, restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. I’ve driven route 287 (the main route through town) a number of times and have never really gone out of my way to see what was beyond that street, assuming it was more housing or just more of the same.

Boy was I wrong, and I will reiterate the famous old saying “you can’t judge a book by a cover” or rather my NEW saying, “you can’t judge a town by just one street”. I printed out the directions and drove most of the way on 287 but google directions took me down a side road and I headed into a whole new world of Lafayette. All of a sudden I was in a quaint New England town (not literally people, figuratively). This area (and I’m not sure for how many blocks it looked like this), but this area of a couple of blocks was completely adorable! Shaded sidewalks with intermittent trees. Cute brick store fronts with unique designs in the window. A little bank, a little Italian food shop, and the most adorable corner coffee shop with patio seating!

Wouldn’t you know! This is the coffee shop I was looking for!

Mojo’s Coffeehouse is cute, cozy, bustling with locals and is definitely far from your mainstream chain coffee shops. Once inside you can find a variety of seating options, pending on whether you want to curl up in a couch, work busily at a table on your computer, or sit by the window and people watch. It has all the trappings of an eclectic coffee shop with fun drinks, yummy pastries and a delicious scent wafting through the air while the quiche was in the oven baking. (this is starting to sound like a yelp post itself!). Well my intention was to say how excited I was to find this quaint part of town and shop where I least expected it. It was so reminiscient of small town that it made me want to be settled down, with a couple of kids at school and take a break to go grab a cup of tea with a couple of friends, but only for a second I swear!

I don’t have any pictures (none on yelp yet and I believe they’re working on a website) but here is the yelp postings for the shop

As for our meeting? Well come by Mojo’s Coffeehouse on Labor Day and you might just see some new teas on the shelf ;)

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