Big Thanks to Steven Knoerr of 39 Steeps!

Tea enthusiast Steven Knoerr recently reviewed our Green Twisted Spears on his tea blog 39 Steeps. This particular tea is an Organic & Fair Trade certified loose green tea from Sri Lanka – a region that has traditionally produced black teas, black ceylons.

He discusses the leaves, the tea, the preparation, the cup, and his overall impressions. We’re pleased that he seemed to enjoy the tea overall and noticed the unique notes of the Sri Lankan terroir,

“I like how the Sri Lankan terroir affected the flavor of the green, because it was like finding a friendly acquaintance in an unusual place: say, a friend from church, greeting me when I’m climbing up a mountain slope in Colorado.”

He also commented on the unique new taste of green tea from Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon),

“I’ve never had a green Ceylon before, and I’m pleased with the beautiful handcrafting of the leaf, which was sufficiently interesting to merit an experiment with the tea, all by itself. While this tea isn’t as nuanced or bold as the Chinese greens I am more accustomed to, when taken on its own merit, it’s pleasant. I’d be interested to see what kind of tea the Ceylon producers will be producing in a hundred years, after much practice and developing cultivars specifically for the green tea style.”

You can read the full tea review here. Be sure to check out the comments section where an interesting discussion takes place about green teas from Sri Lanka – a relatively recent endeavor in this nation.

Thanks, Steven, for checking us out and for the feedback!

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