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Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea loose leaf black tea sits on a white surface
Ceylon Orange Pekoe Steeped Tea
Ceylon Tea Plucking in Sri Lanka
ceylon black tea in a tea bag sits on top of loose leaf tea

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

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Ceylon Orange Pekoe is known around the world for its big, bright, golden, fragrant liquor. This hallmark tea boasts the classic, fresh brisk black tea aroma, and long, handsome leaves. Grown in a scenic area filled with mountains, waterfalls, and forest land.
Steeping Guide
1 tsp
3-5 min
per 8 oz. water

Tasting Notes:

Orange Pekoe teaĀ is known around the world for its strong full-bodied flavor and is considered to be the hallmark of Ceylon teas. A scenic area filled with waterfalls, forest land and tea plantations of Sri Lanka - pure, healthy air, much rain, and brilliant sunshine giveĀ this Ceylon tea its classic, fresh aroma - big, bright, golden, fragrant liquor - and long, handsome leaves.


  • Single-estate premium Ceylon black tea
  • Loose leaf orange pekoe tea
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, Lumbini EstateĀ 
  • Note: Does not contain any orange. The tea type references the color of royalty.
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Lifestyle-Friendly: Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Kosher-certified facility
  • Caffeine: High

Ingredients: ļ»æblackĀ tea

Tea Benefits


Satisfying, fragrant and brisk, with a plum-like finish

Health Benefits: 

Rich in Antioxidants: This black tea contains antioxidants that can help support cell health and fortify the immune system.*

Heart Health Support: May assist in promoting balanced blood pressure and cholesterol levels, contributing to heart health.*

Energizing Boost: High in caffeine, this tea can help provide a stimulating lift, perfect for kick-starting your morning or recharging your afternoon.*

Aids Digestion: Contains compounds that may help support digestion and a healthy gut.*

Mental Clarity: The caffeine content can help sharpen mental focus and alleviate fatigue.*

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral: Known for its potential antibacterial and antiviral properties.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before adding new products to your diet, especially if you have any existing health conditions or are taking medication.

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