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A new Valentine’s Day idea: Sharing tea with the one you love

If you’re anything like me, you like the idea of Valentine’s Day: the affections, the romance, taking extra time with the one you love, but don’t really care about the hype: the build up, the expectations and particularly the eventual but inevitable letdowns of the day.


Even if you’re not like me, what I am suggesting is something that you can do with anyone you love. Be it your partner, your husband or wife, your best friend, whomever it is that you want to spend time with this Valentine’s Day, do it, over a cup of tea.

On this holiday, it is hard to think outside of the box, the chocolate box if you will. We all know the standard scenario: a darkly lit restaurant, a small candle and maybe a rose between you and your loved one, an expensive dinner not without champagne or a bottle of wine, and the hope that something extraordinary will come of the night.

This year, instead of doing the typical Valentine’s Day celebration, why not surprise the one you love with a new holiday celebration. I’ll paint the scene: A cozy blanket, some soft music (be it classical, jazz, meditative, etc.), a semi-lit room (maybe one light on), a cushy couch or bed with lots of pillows, a warm soothing cup of tea and you and your loved one. A recipe for one of the most romantic, memorable and possibly even soulful Valentine’s Days you’ll ever have.

Take this time with your loved one to enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Realize that you are simply sitting down to take in life, to take time for each other and to give into relaxation and comfort. Talk about anything and everything, laugh a little, cry if you need to, listen to your love’s thoughts, dreams, hopes and desires. In this space, in this frame of mind, you will then find that what you really want on this day of love, quality time with each other. A cup of tea in hand, someone you love by your side, and just for a night, the rest of the world–gone.

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