Simply Inexpensive- In rough economic times, how loose leaf tea is an affordable luxury!

Simply Inexpensive The economic crisis is scary and far reaching. None of us are impervious to its affects. In these times of budget crunching and watching every penny it is hard to continue the lifestyle we would like.

I’m here to tell you that, at least in the world of tea, that healthy, tasty loose leaf tea is still affordable! Tea bags: Lipton, Red Rose, Celestial, Tea Forte, etc. can range anywhere from 12¢ – 47¢ a cup, averaging around 18¢ a cup. Did you know that loose leaf tea is on average 22¢ a cup!? That means, while the initial cost seems like more, loose leaf tea is actually a luxury that you can enjoy that costs about as much as a tea bag! So even while the economy is hurting, you can still enjoy a healthy, high quality cup of tea!

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