Spring ActiviTEAs

I’m excited to share about an activity I’ve been doing lately. The Bar Method. It’s an exercise which combines a ballet bar with ballet movements, pilates and yoga. During the intense, fast paced, fat-burning session, students practice isometric muscle movement at intervals. (i.e. holding a 3 pound weight with tiny movements for a couple minutes followed by pushups, then back to weights–burns much more than I expected!) The instructors are so personable and encouraging, it actually feels like group personal training. The music is current and remixed (to keep the beat of the class quick) making the class fly by.

I love it. After taking the hour long class, I leave energized and motivated. I have been very productive at home after class on the days I attend. Win, win.

In the first week of joining, I went 3 times and can tell it’s effective; I feel amazing. My form has improved and I feel stronger and more balanced, even with the new exercises. I feel a little firmer and more flexible, too. I went this Monday, (missed Wednesday due to a horrible headache–allergies here are insane), but I can’t wait for tomorrow morning’s session.

It’s an addicting feeling because I feel incredibly strong and powerful during and after The Bar Method. To prepare for the workout, I have a cup of Iron Goddess Oolong before. This gives me a boost of energy, but it doesn’t affect my sleep. I love the floral smell and taste and, in all honesty, drinking something with “Goddess” in the title is empowering.

Iron Goddess Oolong
Iron Goddess Oolong

Anyway, I just wanted to show and tell about what’s new and exciting in my world. I hope you all are enjoying the spring time!

Cheers to being active and sipping tea.

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