Breadworks in Boulder Now Serving Tea Spot!


Breadworks Boulder


We’re more than pleased to be teaming up with our farmer’s market neighbors Breadworks at their bakery/cafe in North Boulder! They’ll be carrying a few more of our teas as time goes on, but are currently serving our Red Rocks and Coconut Oolong. If you’ve ever had either of these teas, you know they’re a real treat.

I’m on the fence about whether or not they’re quite as tasty as Breadworks amazing baked goods, sandwiches, soups (oh my, that tortilla soup) or salads. There’s just got to be a multitude of fine food and tea pairings on hand over at Breadworks, which I’m excited to taste as I help them build their tea list. So go go go check out Breadworks at 2644 North Broadway in Boulder, have a cup of tea and a treat, sit outside and look at our beautiful mountains!

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