Spring Equinox Tea Meditation

The Spring Equinox marks the time when day and night are in balance — when light and dark are in equilibrium with one another. It’s also that time of the year when nature, and our bodies, begin to wake up from the cozy hibernation of winter. Spring inspires love, hope, youthful adventures, and growth.

The Spring Equinox is an ideal time to find a comfortable space and take ten minutes to sip quietly and seek some balance and clarity within, by doing a self-guided meditation with tea. The onset of Spring can help bring mental clarity. Just like the planet, your body and spirit are also renewing their energies, with the possibility of seeking new directions.

tea meditation

5 steps for a self-guided Spring Equinox tea meditation:

1) As you sit quietly and sip your tea slowly, feel your lighter, hotter air energies (Vata) and try to balance those with your slower, grounded earth energies (Kapha).

2) This moment invites you to go within, and find some balance between the extremes of light and dark. Stay here a while.

3) Go even deeper and try to get clarity on what you want to see grow in your life — by listening.

4) As you get closer to meditating on that perfect balance of light and dark within, what’s calling out to you? Take a moment to embrace this.

5) Meditate on connecting with early Spring’s playful, curious and inspiring spirit within yourself. It’s a good time to explore and renew.

Suggested tea for our self-guided meditation: Ashwagandha Chai is an earthy, caffeine-free blend of twelve adaptogenic herbs, roots and mushrooms to help center the body and mind.

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  • Noticing that the spring equinox/astrological new year arrives just on the tail end of the full moon this year, it feels like an especially auspicious time to turn inward for a bit of self reflection and spring cleaning. I’m turning inward with a cup of Meditative Mind :)

    Brandy on

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