Steep, Pray, Love... Sharing a Love of Tea

tea with friends

People with strong, positive social connections enjoy better health and immunity. The many tea-drinking ceremonies and histories from around the world remind us of tea’s important role as a social beverage. One-third of the world’s population enjoy it as a part of their everyday, often as the central beverage to social occasions. Tea is a great way to get social connections going. It encourages what one of our favorite tea muses refers to as "sparkling conversation."

Feelings of gratitude are associated with lower stress levels and better health. Tea encourages reflection and reprieve. The amino acid L-Theanine is a powerful feel-good molecule in tea. This amino acid is psychoactive, which means that it crosses your blood-brain barrier and does work in your head. Specifically, L-Theanine increases alpha brain wave activity, which helps to relax the mind without inducing drowsiness, creating a state of deep relaxation in combination with mental alertness.

Together with caffeine, as it occurs naturally in tea, it can provide stress relief and improve your mood, producing a calm, yet focused state of mind. When you’re looking to unwind and start your evening with your sweetheart, a romantic tea break is a great way to get you both feeling your best!

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