Turning Over a New Tea Leaf

fresh tea leaf

One cup of tea a day is good, but as our founder advocates in her book Cancer Hates Tea, five cups a day can really make a difference in your state of wellness. Whole leaf tea that you steep fresh has up to twenty times the active ingredients you’d get in a ready-made bottled tea. The more you discover about what makes your taste buds happy, the more enjoyment you’ll take in your daily tea ritual. The versatility of the tea leaf offers almost endless steeping possibilities. Our standard steeping guide is a good starting point, but you should experiment to find what you like best. You might decide that you like your black teas extra bold, but your green teas more on the light side. It’s all up to you. Just remember, any whole leaf tea you bring into your everyday is a step in a positive direction!

Tea leaves + hot water + time = tea.  That’s it!

tea steeping guide

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