Tea Love

Some serious tea love is being felt around The Tea Spot office this Monday morning! Soak in the wise musings of Minna Irving, written in 1920.

My Fragrant Cup of Tea
When I am tired of work or play,
And all my nerves are raw
With things I did, and things I said
And things I merely saw,
I hasten home and donning mules
And flowing negligee,
Get out the spirit lamp and make
A fragrant cup of tea.

I pour the steaming amber drink
In china thin and fine,
Gold banded, bordered daintily
With wild rose flower and vine,
Add cream and sugar or condensed,
And sipping slowly see
A film of far off scenes unroll,
The drama of the tea.

By Minna Irving (1920)

Wishing you, yours, and your cuppa a fantastic week!

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