Chai Ice Cube Latte

This is the stuff that seriously great summers are made of. Fair warning here tea people- you may enjoy this so much, you’ll want one every day. It’s that easy, and that delicious!

Chai Ice Cube Lattee

Chai Ice Cube Latte, with Climber’s High and vanilla almond milk

This iced tea latte is a cinch to make, and can be crafted with your favorite iced tea and milk combos for endless variety! Here, I used vanilla almond milk, and a very concentrated brew of our Climber’s High mate chai blend. The spices in our chai really evolved as the cubes melted.

Here’s the how-to.

1. Make a nice strong concentrate of the tea you plan to use, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. Next on my list to try are other tea twists- Bolder Breakfast (black tea, pu’erh tea, and chocolate) and Red Rocks (rooibos, vanilla, and almond). When making a tea concentrate, we recommend using twice the amount of leaves you would use to make a cup of tea.

Chai Ice Cube Latte

Climber’s High Iced Tea Cubes2. Pour your milk of choice over your tea cubes

Chai Ice Cube Latte

Chai iced tea cubes, with almond milk

3. Enjoy! The only thing better than making an iced tea latte… is making some to share! If you try this iced latte out, we’d love to hear about your tea and milk preferences. Cheers!

Chai Ice Cube Latte

Tea for two


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