Tea & The Emerald Isle

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all!

Today is a day of great libation in the nation, but if you aren’t one to partake in a drop o’ the craythur, don’t worry that you aren’t getting into the spirit properly. There are other ways to celebrate! I’m not talking about snake hunting (but if that’s your thing, go to it Patrick). I’m talking about tea, of course. It might interest some of you to learn that Ireland is one of the top tea consuming nations in the world. While America sits much lower on that list, it isn’t uncommon for the tea minded individual to run into the famous Irish Breakfast blend.

Assam Tea

Assam black tea

Irish Breakfast can vary from source to source, but it traditionally involves a base of Assam blended with a Ceylon, which adds a bright character to Assam’s depth and dark liquor. It isn’t uncommon to see Kenyan black teas involved in this blend as well. As expressed by Aubrey from Arbor Teas, the Irish preference for this style of blend comes from Ireland’s neutral stance in WWII, which limited their English tea supply and forced them to find new sources and import directly.

So while others are downing car bombs and stouts, take pride in enjoying another beverage that honors the strength and free spirit of the Irish. Try blending up your own batch of Irish Breakfast, toss in some warm milk, but don’t bother whipping out the green food coloring–Assam drinkers will tell you why.

Have fun and be safe!

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