The Daily Tea - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The Daily Tea | December 6, 2019

By Amanda Murphy for The Daily Tea 


2019 Holiday Gift Guide


This year we wanted to provide you with a list of gifts that would encourage you to give with intention.

Intention is an important concept for us at The Daily Tea.

Typically, at the beginning of a yoga class, the teacher asks the students to set an intention for practice. This encourages students to align themselves with a purpose, to bring heart and mind together. This is extremely applicable for all things in life- especially during this time of year. 

We hope you will set an intention this holiday season to shop mindfully.

 Holiday Gift Guide

The Tea Spot 

The Tea Spot is on a mission to empower people to live a healthier life. They do this by bringing together whole leaf teas and innovative Steepware that make daily tea hydration simple and inspiring. 

Their newest specialty line of premium, organic, and functional specialty teas are available online and at The Fresh Market: 

Org. Turmeric Tonic: triple root ginger, turmeric chai 

Org. Morning Mojo: pu’erh, vanilla, black tea breakfast blend 

Org. Meditative Mind: white tea, jasmine pearls, rose petals

Org. Keep Fit:  matcha green tea, yerba mate, lemon

Org. Lights Out: hibiscus herbal sleepy tea with valerian root

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