The Tuffy Does it All – Four Ways to Use your Tuffy Steeper


The Tuffy Does it All


Whether you’re roughin’ it or just wrangling everyday life, the Tuffy Tea Steeper is a must-have when it comes to your summertime toolkit. This compact, reusable, BPA-Free tea steeper has more uses than one.

When in a pinch let your tea steeper do the “Tuff” work:

TEA – The obvious, but fantastic way to steep loose leaf tea on the go.

CAMPING & COFFEE – Hitting the road and heading into the woods for some camping? The Tuffy is essential for satisfying all morning cravings with its ability to brew not just tea, but coffee too!!

TEETHING TOY – Forget Sophie the Giraffe? The Tuffy Tea Steeper turns out to be great baby teething toy.

COCKTAILS – Infuse your summer cocktails with tea, after soaking tea in your liquor of choice use your Tuffy Steeper to strain off the spent tea leaves. These will leave a flavor-filled liquor ready for mixing.

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