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Lapsang souchong is dark-roast coffee’s equivalent in the world of tea. Imbued with the aroma and flavor of pine smoke, the Chinese leaf is not subtle, and some delicate tea-sippers hate it. But for others, drinking a strong cup of Lapsang is the equivalent of sipping a peaty Scotch or dark rum by a campfire. Count me in that category. The cup I’m drinking now is the perfect complement to a piece of rich dark chocolate.

I sourced samples—both of straight organic Lapsang souchong and blends of mixing Lapsang with other tea varieties, spices and ingredients—from The Tea Spot, a Boulder, Colo., company founded in 2004 by Maria Uspenski. The daughter of immigrants who fled from their native Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union during World War II , Uspenski earned a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT before founding EcoSoftware, which she sold in 2000, giving her the capital to start The Tea Spot.


Wine Spectator article by Mark Pendergrast

Wine Spectator Spain Up in Smoke

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