Warning: Don’t Try This At Home

How desperate to stay awake would you need to be to wash down two No-Doz tablets with a Red Bull?

Maria and Anna Driving

On the road

This is in no way an endorsement (hence the title…) but recently, through dire necessity, I found myself steeping and sipping what I found to be the tastiest energy booster ever. Through a combination of circumstances, my younger daughter and I were driving from Boulder, CO to Boca Raton, FL. What we thought would be a leisurely5-day trip turned into a sprint-distance jaunt. Long story short, we made it there at 4:35 AM on the morning we needed to arrive.

But not without some serious help. My usual travel stash of organic Puerh tea bricks wasn’t doing the trick. It would make me feel relaxed and focused, but wasn’t I still didn’t feel like persisting, and wouldn’t have kept driving if I really thought I might doze off. Coffee hadn’t been doing the trick for me either. So I pulled into McDonalds, who brews what I think is the best fast-food coffee available. We got out our Brewlux tea filters and put them in the16 oz coffee cups, then steeped some Puerh tuochas in the McDonald’s drip coffee.

Maria Making Tea

Mixing it up at McDonalds

Perhaps it was my state at the time, but it actually tasted smooth and fantastic. With a total caffeine count of 280 mg – the equivalent of two No-Doz plus a Redbull – with the Florida night air breezing by and the radio singing at us, we shared the last few hours of driving and cruised on in with a smile.

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