Wedding Planning- Coffee and Tea Bar

In honor of multiple Tea Spotter’s who have recently tied the knot, we created a custom tea blend called White Wedding. Sipping this dessert tea is like indulging in a slice of decadent white wedding cake… without the calories! It’s also offered in mini tins great for gifting to wedding guests and/or bridal shower guests.

I can’t survive a day without coffee or tea, and I can only imagine that when my wedding comes rolling around, I’ll need a little extra help.  While many couples have coffee (with a tea option) at the end of the wedding, for others it can play a more central role.

For early weddings, coffee can be a welcome pick-me-up before the ceremony or in addition to appetizers. A selection of teas and coffees can even replace the customary bar in the downtime between the ceremony and reception.

Much like the recently trendy dessert bar, coffee and tea bars can be as playful or colourful as you want. For coffee snobs, you can hire one or two baristas to make coffee and espresso drinks.

Martha Stewart Tea Boxes

Martha Stewart Tea Boxes

If possible, it’s a great idea to pair your coffee and tea with dessert. Many people enjoy a tea or coffee with their wedding cake. More robust desserts or cakes like pecan pie and chocolate cake need drinks with equally strong flavors. Lighter cakes can be paired with delicate and floral drinks.

Martha Stewart Tea Cups

Martha Stewart Tea Cups

When planning a wedding, most couples fail to consider this option because the usual price constraints inevitably begin to occur and they have to start compromising. Yet, these tea and coffee bars, can be nicely decorative and relatively inexpensive.

I would suggest a variety of tea blends and of course a few different types of coffee. About four tea blends is a nice number, which will keep the guests happy. Make sure to include the common traditional and green tea as most guests will be happy with these and maybe include a few unusual flavours for those more adventurous guests.

At the end of the day, it is a small, inexpensive option that can keep your wedding reception buzzing for that little bit longer.

Loose Leaf Teas

Loose Leaf Teas

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