Displaying Tea & Teaware With Pride!

For Valentine’s Day this year, my guy surprised me with my very own “tea corner” in our apartment! Up until now, my teaware and teas were steadily spilling out of our kitchen cabinet(s). My collection/obsession started in one kitchen cabinet, but in no time, was spilling into other areas, cabinets, nooks, crannies, even the counters… it was chaos! But, one fine day I came home from work to find this masterpiece put together for me-

Displaying Tea

This is a corner display shelf, which my brilliant boyfriend added some shower curtain hooks to so that I can hang our favorite mugs for added display area and utility. Here’s how each level breaks down:

  1. A beautiful vase I was gifted with some Asian-inspired flowers and mini tea cup candles
  2. My go-to teas in tins from IKEA. These are great for recommended tea storage because they are airtight and protect my teas from exposure to light
  3. Shower hooks allow easy access to our red mug set
  4. This is my favorite shelf, since some of my most treasured pieces can be seen and proudly displayed! Here I have a traditional Moroccan teapot, two tea sets from China, some beautiful vintage tea cups, a vintage teaspoon and a place mat from a co-worker’s honeymoon in South Korea
  5. Tea Towels (back) and more shower hooks allow easy access to our favorite mugs (front)
  6. Teaware central, inclding my best buddy for making iced tea, the Steep and Chill. There are also about four french presses on this level (really… can a girl ever have enough french presses?)

It’s so easy to get to my teaware and teas now. No more epic wrestling matches with the cabinets wondering where on earth my current tea craving made it to. I’d highly recommend working out a fun tea display for your home, if you find yourself in the same tea hurricane I did!


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