Yellow Scene – Eco Friendly Startups in Boulder County

by Marisa Mostek for Yellow Scene Magazine.


On a positive note, there absolutely is hope for the earth’s future and – if the local business community has a say – we’re going to save the earth. With the awareness that we need to pitch in to avert disaster, people are stepping up. Boulder’s fame as an environmentally friendly city is widespread, so it’s no surprise that startups focusing on combating climate change are founded here. The folks who found these eco-friendly companies are driven by a passion to lend Mother Nature a helping hand. Some create products made to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Some tweak commonplace items to make them eco-friendly. These businesses incorporate efficient and low impact ideas in every way, from offering employees bus passes to creating an office space with bamboo floors.

These companies are B Corporation certified, or aiming to be. B Corporations “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.” There are currently 2,788 companies with the coveted certification. Startups, large and public companies, and related entities can apply online, and they must meet certain legal requirements and complete an assessment. It is a serious process with high standards. Some environmentally friendly companies in Colorado are B Corp certified, and rightfully proud to be.

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot is, appropriately, an ideal place for a spot of tea, and another local business embracing environmentally friendly practices. The Tea Spot is a certified B Corp, rightfully so as they use biodegradable tea sachets that they make in house to reduce their carbon footprint. Abigayle Metcalf, a customer service representative for the Tea Spot, mentioned that their Steepware line is “lead and cadmium free” and an “environmentally friendly choice for tea consumers considering the lack of unnecessary packaging and extra labor needed for normal pre-packaged teas.”

Through the innovative minds and hearts of green entrepreneurs, the world may not be doomed after all. Supporting environmentally conscious businesses means doing your part to combat climate change and say thanks to the planet we call home.



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