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When decadence is completely guilt-free AND contains a suite of natural health benefits... savor every sip, and don't hold back. This dessert tea collection includes notes of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coconut that complement the smooth base teas with a sophisticated touch. While each tea is zero-calorie and sugar-free, we aim to satisfy your sweet tooth with this crave-worthy selection.
  • Bolder Breakfast
    Award-winning Chocolate Black Tea a tea bag is steeping in a mug of tea surrounded by loose leaf tea
    $4.00 - $38.95
  • Earl of Grey
    Earl Grey Tea bag Steeped in a mug of tea surrounded by loose leaf tea
    $4.00 - $37.95
  • Blood Orange Smoothie
    Blood Orange Smoothie tea bag Steeped in a tea mug surrounded by loose leaf tea
    $4.00 - $57.00
  • Morning Mojo, Organic
    Morning Mojo Tea bags sit on top of loose leaf tea in front of bagged tea reading whole leaf black tea to support healthy digestion
    $4.00 - $61.00
  • Boulder Blues
    Boulder Blues tea bag Steeped in a tea cup with loose leaf tea leaves surrounding
    $4.00 - $37.95
  • Lady Lavender
    Lady Lavender Loose Leaf
    $4.00 - $40.95
  • Strawberry Fields
    Strawberry Fields Loose Leaf Tea
    $5.00 - $74.95
  • Coconut Crush Chai
    Coconut Crush Chai Tea Loose Leaf
    $5.00 - $65.50
  • Red Rocks
    Red Rocks Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
    $4.00 - $52.50
  • Choco-Mint Truffle
    Chocolate mint tea steeped
    $4.00 - $29.95
  • Coconut Cabana
    Coconut Cabana Sachet Steeped
    $4.00 - $50.00