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Collection: Hibiscus Teas

Experience the juicy taste of premium whole leaf hibiscus tea: thirst-quenching, caffeine-free, and bursting with notes of sweet, tart, mouthwatering fruit. Each of our hibiscus blends is full-bodied, deep red in color, and provides a natural source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Hibiscus flowers grow throughout the tropics and subtropics around the world and the tea is enjoyed by many under a variety of names such as agua de flor de Jamaica, arhul ka phool, bissap, & chai torsh.
  • Blood Orange Smoothie
    tea bags sit in front of an orange bag that reads blood orange smoothie tea
    $4.00 - $57.00
  • Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic
    hibiscus cucumber herbal tea
    $4.00 - $41.95
  • Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic Iced Tea Pouches
    Hibiscus Iced Tea Brewed
    $4.50 - $35.95
  • Hibiscus Petals, Organic
    Organic Hibiscus Petals Loose Leaf Tea
    $4.00 - $32.95
  • Immunity, Organic
    Immunity Tea Bags in Grocery
    $5.00 - $68.95
  • Lights Out, Organic
    lights out organic tea bags sit on top of loose leaf tea in front of a teal bag reading lights out sleepy tea caffeine free tea
    $4.00 - $50.00
  • Strawberry Fields
    Strawberry Fields Loose Leaf Tea
    $5.00 - $74.95
  • Venus Rising, Organic
    Organic Herbal Period Tea Bags
    $5.00 - $69.99