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Lady Lavender Loose Leaf
a tea bag with lady grey lady lavender tea in it sits on top of a pile of loose leaf lady lavender tea
Lady Lavender Grey Steeped

Lady Lavender

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Earl Grey with a sprinkle of lavender, vanilla, and orange peel. One hot cup will whisk you away to a relaxing day at the spa or romantic getaway en Provence. The black tea provides a smooth, full-bodied base, while the lavender adds a delicate, calming flavor.

Steeping Guide
1 tsp
3-5 min
per 8 oz. water

Blender's Notes:

Our Lady Lavender tea has her roots in Earl Grey tea with a sprinkle of lavender, vanilla, orange peel, & other citruses. There's much more to this tea than bergamot, lavender, and black tea. If you enjoy a sweet, well-rounded, and full-bodied Earl Grey, but long for a little lift and a twist, then Lady Lavender may be your gal. Her black tea base provides a lovely background that doesn’t attempt to overpower the other flavors. The citrus notes are perfectly tart, while the vanilla adds a nice creamy sweetness, and the lavender notes pick it up a notch, awakening your senses. 


  • Premium lady grey tea
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Lifestyle-Friendly: Vegan, Paleo, Keto
  • Caffeine: High

Ingredients: black tea, lavender, orange peel, mallow flowers, bergamot & vanilla flavoring

Tea Benefits



Sophisticated black tea, calming, citrusy, floral, and creamy.

Health Benefits: 

Mental Clarity: Black tea, containing caffeine and L-Theanine, sharpens focus and alertness. L-Theanine helps balance the effects of caffeine, providing a smooth increase in mental clarity without the jitteriness.*

Relaxation: Lavender, renowned for its calming properties, along with L-Theanine in black tea, contributes to stress relief and relaxation, creating a soothing and tranquil tea experience.*

Digestive Aid: Orange peel aids in digestion and adds a burst of Vitamin C, enhancing the tea's health benefits.*

Antioxidants: Black tea is a rich source of polyphenols, antioxidants that support overall health and well-being.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before adding new products to your diet, especially if you have any existing health conditions or are taking medication.

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