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a white tote bag with a tea leaf design in red
a white tote bag with text about camellia sinensis the tea plant
a person stands with a tote bag on their arm filled with tea and a tea tumbler in their hand

Tea Spot Tote

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Take your show on the road with this cute tea tote bag. It's the perfect size for the gym, the farmers' market, and everything in between.

This tote is perfect for wherever your adventures may take you! It features the Camellia sinensis, or tea plant, on the front and text about this amazing plant on the back. Show off your love for tea in style! 


  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Material: cotton
  • Dimensions: 17.5" wide x 31" tall

Text on tote:

"Camellia sinensis: An evergreen native to Southeast Asia, and now cultivated in more than 30 countries. All tea comes from this single species of plant, be it black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong or pu’erh. The meaning in Latin is “Chinese Camellia”. Thanks to different varietals, production methods, terroirs, harvest seasons, soil and weather conditions, this one tea plant species produces a wildly broad range of flavors and appearance. How is it possible that a delicate and calming green tea comes from the same botanical as a nectarous and mysterious black tea? It all comes down to traditional techniques of harvesting and handcrafting passed down over generations, which brings us to today: the modern tea experience, reimagined by The Tea Spot. Infusing age-old traditions with functional botanicals, we bring exquisite flavor and freshness together in every cup. Handcrafted with love in Boulder, Colorado since 2004"

NOTE: Bag contents pictured are not included.