2018 Global Tea Championship Winners

by Elizabeth Dobos

Single Serve Hot and Iced Small Batch Results:
2018 Global Tea Championship WinnersCategory: Small Batch Iced, Flavored Pu-erh/Dark 

GOLD: The Tea Spot, Bolder Breakfast

Clips from a Judge’s Notes: Awesome tea. Great color of brew. Well-Conceived: Overall the tea is well thought-out and executed perfectly. For single origin teas, this can be ensuring that the tea is harvested at the right time and that the processing of the leaf is done well. For blends and flavors, this means that the tea shows direction and knowledge of the ingredients used. Distinct: The tea has an overall distinct character and is characteristic of the origin or stands above the other teas in its category.

2018 Global Tea Championship WinnersCategory: Small Batch Iced, Flavored Rooibos 

GOLD: The Tea Spot, Blood Orange Smoothie

Clips from a Judge’s Notes: Nice looking leaf. Great Color. Nice Tea. Liquor has a rounded taste and body that is pleasing. A desirable characteristic meaning the tea is well harmonized and round or full. Characteristic of Category / Exceptional / Clear / Bright / Smooth.

2018 Global Tea Championship WinnersCategory: Bagged, Pu-erh/Dark Flavored 
SILVER: The Tea Spot, Bolder Breakfast Sachets

Clips from a Judge’s Notes: Great Tea! Tea possessing depth of character. Describes the integration of aroma and taste components in which the tea displays a multi-dimensional layer or organoleptic sensation. In blends and flavors, ingredients are not fighting each other and work well together. The tea tells a story through its complexity, inviting you to come back for more… Juicy: Describes an excellent all around tea that you just cannot stop drinking. The tea is divine.

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