A Tea Tasting To Remember

I have been with The Tea Spot for just under a year now (how the time files!) and have quickly come to know and love all 50 plus teas in our line. I’ve been blown away in this time by not just the health benefits tea offers, but also the soothing, calming, and uplifting practice of simply making tea. If I catch myself getting worked up or stressed out, I literally take a breather to make some tea and sit sipping a nice hot (or cold!) brew until all is once again right in my world. Now, making tea is to me what deep breathing, meditation, exercise, or any other mode of stress relief is to many others.

I recently got the chance to open up my tea base a bit further when I was in Seattle. My traveling companions and I were wandering around the city when we happened on a Chinese tea room and stepped inside for a taste test. Our group consisted of a wide variety of tea drinkers, but this experience was meaningful to each of us regardless of our level of tea knowledge or personal preferences. Our “tea guide” Sandy was absolutely fantastic, telling us about where her teas came from, educating us about different tea types, processing methods, health benefits, etc. She kept brewing us tea after tea, all the while adapting the tea tasting and information based on our preferences. We must have tasted something like 20-25 different teas and had the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions.

Tea Tasting with friends

It was a fantastic tea experience with a wonderful group of people and I highly suggest grabbing a similar opportunity if you ever stumble upon one like we did! Above all, it was fun to try and learn something new and to share my love of tea with my loved ones. I encourage anyone and everyone to sample as many teas as possible, you never know what you might come to love. Sometimes even the most “unassuming” sounding tea or blend just might whisk you away… and you won’t know until you try!

At The Tea Spot, we offer all of our teas in a sample size for this very purpose. Each sample has about five 8oz cups of tea each, and range in price from approximately $4-$6 each. This is our way of offering you your very own tea tasting experience! I hope you’ll grab an opportunity to try something uncharted in your tea world- whether it be on our site or at your local tea room.

And as always, happy sipping!

If you are new to our teas, or would like to introduce a variety to someone you know, our Sampler Sets are an excellent place to start! We’ve thoughtfully paired a variety of options in categories for every tea drinker-

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