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Signature Tea Sampler
Signature Tea Sampler
Blood Orange Herbal Steeped Tea
Bolder Breakfast Chocolate Tea
Signature Tea Sampler
Boulder Blues Tea

Signature Tea Sampler

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6 mini tins: Boulder Blues, Meditative Mind, Earl of Grey, Bolder Breakfast, Climber's High, & Blood Orange Smoothie. This is the perfect intro to The Tea Spot’s exquisite quality & handcrafted style, with our best-selling tea blends from each varietal. Net tea wt: 4.0 oz
Steeping Guide
per 8 oz. water

Blender's Notes:

We've combined two of our signature green tea blends, two best-selling black tea blends, our super caffeinated yerba mate blend, and an award-winning caffeine-free herbal. Enjoy delicious infusions from our consistently high-quality best-selling blends from diverse loose leaf tea varietals.


  • 6 mini tins filled with select handcrafted teas
  • Net weight of teas in set: 4.0 oz
  • Bolder Breakfastblack tea, pu'erh tea, calendula flowers, sunflower petals, dark chocolate flavoring
  • Earl of Greyblack tea, citrus rind, licorice root, mallow flowers, bergamot, citrus & vanilla flavoring
  • Blood Orange Smoothierooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rosehips, rose petals, safflowers, natural orange & vanilla flavors
  • Meditative Mind - organic white tea, organic jasmine pearls, organic rose petals
  • Boulder Bluesgreen tea, cornflower petals, sunflower petals, strawberry & rhubarb flavoring
  • Climber's High Chairoasted yerba mate, black tea, green tea, white tea, pu'erh, ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice root, eleuthero ginseng root, saffron, black pepper, clove, fennel, safflowers, peppermint, tulsi, vanilla flavoring
  • Steeping Guide & Tasting Notes included
  • Gift-ready box!

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